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Raising Alphas

Gramp’s Angels by Shot by Ness © RiverHouse Group of Caughdenoy, new YorK, LLC I love when I read young parents declaring that they have decided to raise a “strong young woman” or an “Alpha female”. And they all say it with a tone of smugness as if they have finally cracked the elusive secret…

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Dessert with Santa

Dessert with Santa © RiverHouse Group of Caughdenoy, new YorK, LLC   “There he is!” And then giggling as we drove by the front of the Cracker Barrel in Cadiz, Kentucky. Lisa was as happy as a child and had that incredible smile on her face that makes my heart melt. (Pure joy) She had…

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Man And His Dog

  Sculpture by Rockcastle Iron Works and Welding of Cadiz, Kentucky. If you are in the area, I STRONGLY SUGGEST you stop in and see some of the beautiful art that this very talented artist is producing. This particular sculpture sits in a bush in the frontyard. All hand cut and finished. Beautiful

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