Raising Alphas

Gramp’s Angels
Shot by Ness
© RiverHouse Group of Caughdenoy, new YorK, LLC

I love when I read young parents declaring that they have decided to raise a “strong young woman” or an “Alpha female”. And they all say it with a tone of smugness as if they have finally cracked the elusive secret to getting those dang girls over that final hump to equality.

And then I look at my Wife, my Sister, my Sister-in-Laws, Mother, my Mother-in-Law, my ex-Wife. My Nieces. My Aunts. My Cousins. My friends.

And finally the force of nature that is our Kayla…

And laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Women have been young and strong and Alpha Females forever.
It’s in their nature.

You want to help your “Alpha female” be all that she can? Move things out of her way. Including yourself. Stop being a misogynist.

(Yes, you are a misogynist. We all are.)

Spend your time making sure that she has to only win a fair fight.

And she will.

Trust me.

  • Ness