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Fascism Is Not To Be Debated
Shot by Ness
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I felt this image today. I felt like this is where our country is. I haven’t put anything up in a while because I’ve been a health thing. We’re getting a handle on it with the help of the American health care system and insurance. Even if I’d been well, I don’t think I would have posted much. The world is just so depressing.

We have a child as President and everyone knows it. However, some group of us are so afraid of being wrong that we pretend he isn’t. We fall for the creation of mystical monsters to fight and fear. Media! BLM! Russia! Alt-Right! Fear them! Run screaming in the night. Be sure to carry your weapon to show just how scary you are. All while screaming in terror on the inside. Because you are afraid?

Unfortunately, we are also all stupid. Too stupid to even know what we are afraid of. And just stupid enough to be manipulated into believing that our fear comes from somewhere other than the ruling powers.

Right now, Donald Trump is engineering a Tax Reform to benefit him, and those like him, alone. All while not even letting us have the basic information to understand just how much he is rigging the system to his own benefit.

And his supporters cheer.

One by one the principled members of the Republican Party are dropping away while the remainder become more sycophantic to our man-baby President. They bow and scrape as he continues. Continues in lumbering about in his incompetence. Continues in causing us to have to, once again, worry about the specter of nuclear destruction. This time because of the ego of a man with small hands. And an obsession about that fact. Small hands and large weapons. A Freudian nightmare.

And his supporters cheer.

Evidence is coming out in drips and drabs. And it all seems to point to a cosiness with our primary adversary that no patriotic American should tolerate. Patriots have died in conflict with the Russians. We’ve spent blood and treasure that should not be forgotten. It should not have been in vain. Yet, our Chief Executive has all but offered to publicly fellate Vladimir Putin.

And his supporters cheer.

No one ever starts off with the intention of becoming a fascist State. It happens when the people stop thinking. When they put their loyalty to a person or a few people above their loyalty to the country. It happens when you can shoot a person on Fifth Avenue and still be supported. Or when you are accused by 24 women of sexual harassment and/or abuse and still are supported. Or when you are on tape admitting adultery and sexual assault. A tape that was played on network television.

And his supporters cheer.

Come back, America. The world needs you.

  • Ness